Holistic Massage Treatment in Bradford and Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Massage is great for overall health & wellbeing and has significant benefits for your mental health, particularly in terms of relieving anxiety and boosting serotonin levels which can help boost mental wellbeing and treat depression.  Which type of massage will depend upon your current health condition and preferences, but Indian Head Massage is great for […]



An ergonomic desk set up is essential for avoiding repetitive strain injury and taking care of your back, arms and shoulders. Are you suffering from frequent pins and needles, numbness in your arm or hands, a stiff neck, headaches or pains in your hand, fingers, arm or shoulder? If you are spending long periods of […]


A lot of articles I read online talk about bereavement in terms of mental health, but few discuss the very real physical symptoms that occur when a loved one dies. One of my clients recently opened up to me about the loss of her parents, her father having passed away suddenly from a heart attack […]