Holistic Massage Treatment in Bradford and Leeds, West Yorkshire

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christopher-southertonChristopher Southern is a fully qualified masseur with over twenty years’ experience, having gained a Diploma in Indian Head Massage and a Diploma in Holistic Massage from VTCT.

Based in Bradford in West Yorkshire, Christopher’s aim is to provide the best massage treatment possible using a range of techniques that are tailored for each individual client according to their health condition and their reason for seeking a massage treatment.

Holistic massage therapy has been practised for centuries and is well known for its healing properties and the promotion of overall health and wellbeing. Traditional medicine is not well equipped to deal with muscular injuries, back pain and toxicity within the body, with an over reliance on medication to repress the symptoms of pain rather than get to the core of and treat any underlying conditions.

This is where holistic massage has huge benefits not only in relieving back pain, strain and injury but in promoting ongoing wellbeing and physical health. It is also surprisingly good for mental health conditions including stress and anxiety and detoxing the body by promoting lymphatic drainage. 

Christopher offers full Swedish body massage and relaxation techniques using aromatherapy oils through to deep tissue massage with CBD oil to promote healing and repair when the body is strained or injured. 

If you are not sure whether or not massage therapy is for you, then complete the form below and Christopher will call you back to discuss your requirements further.