Holistic Massage Treatment in Bradford and Leeds, West Yorkshire

In Good Hands


If you need help, we have a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We strive to give you the best buying experience possible. Click a question below to view the answer.

Wear something lose fitting and comfortable. The oils and lotions used in massage can stain fabrics, so wear something old if you can.

When you arrive for your massage I will leave the room so that you can undress and modestly cover yourself with a towel. If the thought of removing your clothes embarrases you, don’t worry. I am a master of professional draping techniques and will treat you with the utmost dignity and respect.

Holistic massage therapy is usually safe for most people, including pregnant women, young children and even babies. However, I will ask you some questions before starting treatment and there are some health conditions that may not be suitable for certain types of treatment, including high blood pressure. Any treatment will be adapated to suit your health, age and any pre existing medical conditions. 

Yes, in fact it is often a good idea to bring somebody who can drive you home afterwards as you may feel drowsy afterwards. It is not usually a good idea for your friend to come into the room with you, although of course if you really want them to be with you then they can, but massage is about you and for you to truly relax it is preferential for you to receive treatment in your own space. At the Oaklands Hotel there is a bar area and veranda, so there is always somewhere for your friend to wait for you and have a refreshment. 

Holistic Massage Therapy is deeply relaxing and for some people can be a very emotional experience. You may fall asleep or feel drowsy during or after treatment and it may be best for your first appointment to arrange for somebody to accompany you and drive you home. You may also feel dehydrated as massage works on getting rid of toxins from the body, so drink plenty of water before you come and after your appointment. It is never a good idea to drink alcohol after a treatment – you may find that the effects of alcohol on the body are greatly exaggerated. 

When you arrive I will ask you some questions about why you have come for treatment and your medical history. I will then leave the room so that you can get undressed and modestly cover yourself with a towel. If you are uncomfortable with any part of your body being massaged, then you may say so before treatment begins. 

Massage therapy should not be painful, although if you are injured you may find it a little uncomfortable. You may ask me to ease the pressure if it is hurting during a treatment. You may find that a day or two after treatment you experience some stiffness or pain if you are seeking injury treatment. This is perfectly normal and is the body healing itself. It will ease and lessen with each treatment. 

Yes, In Good Hands can visit your home, place of work or even a hospital. I have a mobile massage couch and can also offer group sessions in the workplace if you are looking for neck, back and shoulder massage treatment at the work station. I can also come and assist with the ergonomic set up of a desk station to help prevent strain and injury.