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An ergonomic desk set up is essential for avoiding repetitive strain injury and taking care of your back, arms and shoulders.

Are you suffering from frequent pins and needles, numbness in your arm or hands, a stiff neck, headaches or pains in your hand, fingers, arm or shoulder?

If you are spending long periods of the day sitting at a computer or on a mobile device, then you may be suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury.

An ergonomic desk setup is the first step in ensuring that you prevent further injury and look after your physical wellbeing whilst at work. This means placing everything in easy reach such as your phone and notepad to avoid over stretching, placing your computer screen at eye level and making sure that you chair is right you and your body with a supportive back and neck structure.

A massage treatment can alleviate the symptoms of repetitive strain injury. Further, regular massage can help to keep the neck, arms and hand muscles supple and avoid strain in the future.

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